Introducing the NEXT generation of lead capture for Estate Agents...

Now YOU Can Capture Leads From Your Website And Facebook Pages On Autopilot.

...No more WASTED traffic.

Roboval™ 3.0  is what happens when you take a standard form based instant valuation tool, BURN it to the ground… Then go back to the drawing board with two years worth of results, case studies, and client feedback to build an AI powered Chatbot with a just one goal:

Generate Listing Leads

Convert Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Many Estate Agent websites look great but simply do not have an effective form of lead capture. Potential clients often visit and then leave without leaving any contact info.

Roboval™ helps capture those leads by removing the friction between the client and your lead capture forms by providing an interactive experience for the user.


Standard Instant Valuation Tools

Valuation Booking Forms

Perry Power

This is an Amazing product!

It makes cold engagement ALOT more personal which can only help when building a new relationship. We have been using it to start conversations with people we may never have spoken to.

James Stuart


Roboval is our 24/7 messenger assistant capturing, serving and engaging with visitors to our facebook and our website. It adds another dimension to our lead capture and generation strategy and has proved invaluable.

A powerful way to capture Vendor & Landlord leads!

Offer, engage, capture. That’s our simple formula.

Roboval™ sits at the bottom of your website and asks the user if they need help or an Instant Online Valuation.

Once clicked it responds with constantly evolving AI powered dialogue and can route the user to a human if need be.

When the user asks for an Instant Valuation the bot will take them through a series of questions, display the results and finally ask the user what they think of the price.

All the while passing that  powerful information to you

How powerful is that?

Interactive Lead Capture

Forms are boring and have a low submission rate. Roboval™ encourages completion, ensuring a higher rate of capture. More leads for you.

Easy To Use

Chatting with the bot is intuitive and encourages the user into leaving you their contact info. They can request an Instant Valuation or message you directly!

Leads To Your Inbox

Upon completion leads are sent directly to your inbox for you to follow up. With Pro we can even add them to your mailing list for further nurturing.

Also integrates with your Facebook pages!

Got a low traffic site or are part of a franchise group?

No problem, Roboval™ can also integrate with Facebook pages for lead generation without the need for a website.

Best of all you can use Facebook adverts to drive leads directly into your Facebook bot and follow them up directly in Messenger.

Leads on AUTOPILOT from Facebook!

Roboval Facebook

3 Step Lead Capture.



Attract potential leads with curiosity inducing Facebook adverts that encourage to user to start a conversation with your bot for an Instant Valuation.



Once they click the advert Roboval™ will start a conversation with them and respond automatically using constantly evolving AI. 



After a conversation has been started, you can respond to the lead directly using Facebook Messenger and encourage them to arrange a face to face meeting.

See it in ACTION Press Play...

Website Demo

Walkthrough of the user experience on your website.